Welcome to my February 2013 Information newsletter

Welcome to my February 2013 Information newsletter

In the last two month I have experienced similar or the same question from prospect who approached me for improving their businesses or become more profitable. How can I get more prospects through the door? Regardless of whether you are self-employed or have your own with 50 people 6 year old company it pays to examine what, why and how to operate your business?

But even if you have a successful business. Why not?

Improving an already existing business, one of the things that are never complete. It requires challenges, and it is exciting fun. People who are called to these challenges will not only create a better business they will also grow personally they never thought would have otherwise. It will help you push though perceived limitations.

  1. How is your vision?
  2. What are your values?
  3. How do you rate you’re marketing and Sales?
  4. Is your message connecting?
  5. What is your relationship with your people? Is there an attitude of cooperation?
  6. How is your productivity or service to your clients
  7. Do you give the service to your clients they looking for? Are you customer driven company?
  8. Are you an innovator in this rapidly changing world?
  9. Do you have a clear defined obligation to your company?
  10. Are you truly a great leader

What core values do you communicate in your marketplace? As Anthony Roberts says: CANI! Constant and never ending improvement is what success is all about.

Get an Accountability Partner!

Have an ‘accountability partner’ inspire you to identify your business priorities, manage your tasks and get more of your business goals achieved faster, for FREE. 1 hr. expert business coaching strategy session free of to make sure you’re achieving your goals – and it’s FREE!

Have you ever wished you had an ‘accountability partner’ to inspire you to identify your business priorities, manage your tasks and get more of those important business growth activities done and dusted?

Did you know that successful people are good at 2 critical tasks?

  • They manage their time
  • They prioritise their tasks.

And, in sport or business, they also have a Mentor/Executive coach to ensure
If you’re like me, you’ve got great plans for your business.

But also, like me, you’re probably so busy doing busy-ness that you doesn’t always have time to put your plans into action.

We all struggle with managing our time and prioritising our tasks, so this FREE deal is twofold.

First, you get an in depth 1 hour conversation (worth $497.00 free) with me Mentum’s expert business Mentor to help you establish all those ‘priorities’ a business should be focussed on.

That in it-self would be worth its weight in gold to your business. (Did I mention this is a FREE deal?)
But then, your personal business coach will then call you to hold you accountable to ensure you’ve actually completed the tasks you’ve set yourself and started achieving your goals.

It’s like having a friendly, thoughtful, inspiring business partner that only wants the best for you!
Expert advice that actually helps you achieves those goals.

Robert, I just found out today I topped Australia in the performance figures for Private Bank. Very pleased with the result based on how difficult the markets have been in the last 6 months. See you next week.     – George Johnston, Director, ANZ Private Bank

Here’s what you get:

Initial Strategy Session (1 hour)- Mentum will ask you:

  • Where you are today in your business?
  • Where you want to be?
  • What you tried to achieve but couldn’t?
  • What’s stopping you from achieving?

As a result of my sessions with Robert Knapp I have been able to clarify my thoughts and adopt a step by step approach to the problems I discussed. Since completing my mentoring program my stress levels have markedly reduced and my direction and vision are much clearer.  - P. Timmbs MD. Estate and Litigation Lawyers

Have a successful and prosperous start to 2013.
Robert Knapp BBA

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