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Satisfied clients:

“I have been using Roberts services for the last 4 years. He has helped me build structure and systems into my business that both help the business run efficiently and which help attract investment. Robert is an exceptional networker and has managed to connect us with both customers and business support contacts that have helped to take my business forward in ways I could never have imagined.”
David Hooton, Managing Director, Platform Networks – www.platformnetworks.net

“As a result of my sessions with Robert Knapp I have been able to clarify my thoughts and adopt a step by step approach to the problems we discussed. Since completing my mentoring program my stress levels have markedly reduced and my direction and vision are much clearer”
P.Timmbs MD. Estate and Litigation Lawyers

“I run a private merchant banking practice, helping owners of medium-sized companies with growth and exit strategies. I sought out Robert Knapp as a business coach to help me expand my network of contacts, so that I would meet more prospective clients, as well as meet more people who would refer business to me. I said to Robert before we started that I felt I had few if any “life issues” that needed dealing with and that I simply wanted to remove the mental block that prevented me from more aggressively marketing my services. I wanted to make sure my chosen coach was sufficiently business savvy to understand the particular complexities of my field. Robert was the right man for the job. After the first few sessions I felt that the fog was beginning to lift. Robert helped me to think clearly about how to describe my business to people. He helped me to focus on who my target clients were. From there it was a small step to working out how to reach them in an effective way.”
N.J. M & Associates Private Merchant Bankers

“Robert I would recommend your business mentoring for the following reasons. Firstly, From the firsts session the workbook you provided a structured and personal programme that addressed my specific requirement as and objectives. Second; The setting of three basic goals Third; The professional manner in which each sessions focused on those goals. Fourth; The consistent follow-up during sessions and the additional advice or mentoring provided between sessions was extremely helpful in remaining focussed and on track. Fifth; Your a attentiveness and your ability to be a good listener and to be non-judgmental was important attributes in achieving the three original goals set. Sixth; Your knowledge and ability to be a referral source for a range of related self-development topics was Invaluable”
T.W.Tax Accountant. EVS,Group

“Robert Knapp has been a major contributor and an instrumental part of the success of Tigerex over the past year. An exceptional business Coach and mentor, Robert was able to help Tigerex build a strong Management group for all company Operations as well as a world class Sales Team. Starting with the Managing Director and the Deputy Managing Director (myself), Robert helped Tigerex improve our business model, business penetration strategy, sales model and sales processes. Within the first few months of Robert’s coaching Tigerex was able to get its first clients and help the sales team bring in over thirty global A Tier clients with such names as Salomon Smith Barney and Swiss American Securities. It should also be mentioned that the complications Robert faced in helping us build this business were compounded further as the result of this being a truly international business with teams all over Asia as well as a Headquarter unit in London. I would strongly recommend Robert and his services to both corporate and personal clients around the globe. I strongly believe that Robert would be a major asset to any organization that he coaches.”
M. C. C. Deputy Managing Director – Tigerex Operations Pty. Ltd.

“During a particularly difficult time for me, both personally and professionally, I engaged Robert to be my coach and mentor. The disciplined and organised approach he used helped me to identify the issues and develop plans and strategies to move forward. I also appreciated Robert’s efforts to refer business to me which was a real bonus.I would recommend Robert and his approach to anyone seeking new direction or just clarity and purpose.”
D. L. CEO e-Clipse Online

“ What Robert tells you isn’t necessarily new, but he puts it into a context that allows you to use it. I found him to be a great coach and mentor and continue to deal with him.”
P.W. Principal Richfield Consulting

Robert is Mr. Networking – and no wonder. He is such an accomplished business mentor and career coach that it seems everyone knows Robert. And that means he is rich source of referral business. Thanks for your help Robert.
David Coe, president of BNI City Fringe Chapter, David Coe Communications Director Corporate Zest

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