Short Training Modules

Short training modules as part of your business coaching program

My short training modules are designed to boost specific business skills. They can be taken as part of your Mentum coaching and mentoring program.

1How to improve management skills

  • Select techniques in the role of a Manager
  • Techniques that can be adapted and refined to suit your role and personality.

2Effective time management

  • Eliminate stress and frustration
  • Boost your productivity levels
  • Tools to fulfil all demands that are placed upon you.

3Sustain the MoMentum

  • A range of short course follow up options
  • Start 3-4 months after you initial mentoring and coaching program ends
  • Designed to take your achieved goals to the next level.

4Business planning/employee manual/job description

  • A finished report to demonstrate the outcome of your assignment.

5Marketing tools

  • Developing and implementing marketing strategies
  • Templates and guides to instantly create your own training programs and planning strategies.

6Balanced score card/KPI program for performance

  • Create steps to make employees and divisions accountable.
  • Strategies to grow your business.

7Business valuation

  • Business diagnostic to establish the true value of your company
  • How to increase your sales and profitability
  • Create a simple succession planning strategy

8Instant sales action and sales improvement strategies

  • Refine sales concepts, concept scope planning, strategy plan fit
  • Business rational, opportunities/benefits, high level risks

9Instant profit action

  • Understand gross margin, net margin and depreciation
  • Determine the ideal number of employees, salary structure and many more aspects of your business
  • A snapshot of what your business really does.

10Employee motivation

  • Build teamwork in unusual but highly effective ways
  • Employer and employees working in tandem
  • Advice on – and templates for – improving your business.

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