Exit Strategy

Increase the value of your business

How to Increase the value of your business and prepare an exit plan

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A business exit strategy is about leaving your business on your terms.

Every business is bound to change hands sooner or later and if you wish to have it happen on your terms you need a plan to cover all circumstances, even on occasions that may be out of your control.

You should operate your business so that it is ready for your exit every day of the year because you never know when circumstances will force your hand.

What is involved in a business exit strategy?

An exit strategy is all about preparing your business for the eventual sale of your business on your terms. Therefore it is important to prepare it in such a manner which is attractive to a wider range of potential buyers.

Mentum and our affiliates will work with your business on introducing a proven worldwide system that will improve the value of your business. Together we will help you to develop and implement a plan to sell your business for more money by increasing the value of your business.

  • We educate you to improve the business value and what is your business worth at the moment. What problems are you experiencing and what changes are you seeking?
  • We show you an attractiveness index. We prepare an audit that thoroughly review your business and gives you scores out of 100 and pinpoints your weakness.
  • We prepare a readiness index that will overcome the pitfalls in your businesses. valuation score
  • Develop a clear plan to prepare your business for sale by improving turnover and profit building.
  • Work with you to develop a strategic direction to improve your people and the organisations efficiency.
  • We plan for you the most appropriate solution for your specific needs
  • Each month we monitor and review the progress you are making and we project manage your plan..

Most importantly, I will measure the results at every step. Help you increase the value of you business, with my unique exit strategy plan.

What are the business outcomes?

  • Renewed enthusiasm in running your business and it is now linked to a higher purpose
  • Improved business value
  • Improved chance of selling your business at a much higher price
  • Improved systems and people management
  • Increase profit and revenue

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