OHS Planner

ebook1OH&S Planner will help you develop your policies and procedures through a simple question and answer approach. Comprehensive and easy to understand, OH&S Planner we will guide you step by step on how to create an OH & S committee, action plans, outline of emergency procedures and monitor ongoing safety performance. You could further save 50-90% of the time in developing your own safety training program

Performance Reviews

ebook3Writing performance reviews is now easier than ever before. The Performance Review Software will generate fully formatted employee reviews in half the time. To view a sample performance review which has been generated from the program please select “Sample Performance Review”. Please also view “Sample Form” to view a sample taken from the “Forms Designer” component of the program. Clear, concise reviews play a vital role in maintaining employee relationships and monitoring employee performance. Performance Review Software provides managers, business owners and human resource professionals with the simple yet practical tools to develop professional employee reviews instantly!

Exit and Succession Program

ebook4The “Exit and Succession Program will identify key areas that will make your business more valuable to a potential buyer. Our Accredited Partners typically work with businesses 12 – 36 months prior to the owner wishing to sell.

The goal: Maximize the ultimate selling price! What are the business outcomes? Renewed enthusiasm in running the business as it is now linked to a higher purpose, improvements in business value and the chance of selling the business, improved systems and people management and increased profit and revenue.

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