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A mentoring, coaching or leadership program all about you.

Executive coaching can be a highly efficient strategy in developing the best potential in leaders at any level in an organisation. I bring substantial individual business and management experience to their work. Depending on the needs of each client, I will recommend the most suitable program to identify and attain goals appropriate to each particular situation. I use an empowerment model of coaching which allows each client to create, select and implement the best strategies suited to their unique situation with guidance and support.

There are no “off the shelf” programs in Executive Empowerment – following a detailed needs analysis, I will propose a program tailored to the unique requirements of each client or team. Where it is the organisation that has engaged my mentoring service, my approach is to initially understand why people want to achieve progress, and they believe coaching is needed.

If you decide you would like to work with me as your business coach or life coach – after your free initial consultation – we then discuss which program/s below best suit your needs and goals.

1Leadership mentoring and executive coaching program

  • individually custom-built model of mentoring for faster, better results
  • one-on-one developmental experience for the mid to senior level executive
  • professionals preparing for greater opportunity to perform/leadership
  • operates as a self-contained unit
  • complete leadership assessment, feedback and mentoring package.
  • Read more about executive coaching and leadership coaching programs

2Personal mentoring and life coaching program

  • helps you to fulfill your true potential in life
  • together we develop real goals – and strategies to achieve them
  • using proven tools and measured results
  • a rich journey of discovery and learning.

3Personal development program

Take your life to the next level in any area that’s important to you:

  • experience vibrant health and vitality, wonderful relationships, personal growth
  • create financial abundance and an inspiring career
  • learn to live without worry and frustration – with clarity and insight
  • look at the world with greater awareness and an open mind
  • no longer suppress your needs, wants and feelings
  • begin a new life of enhanced achievement and happiness.

4Best practice succession management and exit strategy

A recent survey of PWC and KPMG found that:

  • 500,000 of small business owners born between 1946 and 1964 planned to retire within the next 5 years.
  • $1.6 trillion dollars in transfer of assets over 10 years to 2012
  • 76% indicated that they would consider selling their business if asked
  • 45% had no Succession Plan in place
  • 75% intended to use the sale to fund their retirement and life-style
  • Only 12% of business owners had a documented plan

Recent research from Hayes Corporation reported that:

  • The % of Businesses that make a profit is as low as 39%
  • The % of Businesses that execute strategies in their business is only 10%
  • The % of employees who are engaged in performing their tasks is as low as 30%
  • The % of Businesses that successfully improve their value of their business is as low as 21%

Mentum will implement a five-step Succession Plan process for you to:

  • Analise your options
  • Increase the value of your business
  • Define the outcome by implementing an exit strategy plan
  • Create strategy to archive your outcome
  • Arrange the exit terms
  • Implement Business Continuity

Whether you are looking for a life coach in Sydney, business coach in Sydney or business mentor in Sydney, I can help.

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