The Benefits

The benefits of choosing Robert Knapp as your mentor and coach

My ultimate goal is your success and happiness

robertknapp003Like to grow your business? Have the career you love? Live a full, happy and healthy life? Contact Robert Knapp in Sydney on 02 8090 4306 or 0413 529 528 to book a FREE introductory consultation over coffee and find out more about mentoring and coaching. Ask the questions that will let you know whether you feel comfortable in coaching partnership?

As more and more companies face new challenges since the GFC, leaders of industries are struggling with reduced resources and increased workloads. We all need to be more economically efficient to achieve positive results, which brings more pressures. Improving time management is a key factor overcoming extended working hours. The benefits of mentoring and coaching can have a far reaching impact on your professional career, personal life, health and ability to control and influence what’s most important to you. Here are just a few of the things you’ll gain from my coaching and mentoring:

Greater confidence, strength, ability and expectations

  • We’ll identify, acknowledge and address your areas of weakness, or fear, and replace them with strength and confidence.
  • I will teach you to do the things needed for success – rather than just actions that you find comfortable and easy.
  • l will give you the tools, self-belief, inspiration, support and encouragement to set a course and stay on it until you achieve what you want.

Personal guidance, support and belief

  • As your Mentor – I believe in you and help you create a vision and set big goals.
  • As your Manager – I help you create strategies, complete tasks, set deadlines – and monitor your progress.
  • As your Coach – to unearth skills and abilities within yourself that you may not even be aware that you posses.

Have clearer goals and smarter strategies

  • Make a real impact on your career, private life, finances and health.
  • Take more decisive action in all these areas.
  • Control and influence the most important things in your life.

“Robert, I just found out today I topped Australia in the performance figures for Private Bank. Very pleased with the result based on how difficult the markets have been in the last 6 months. See you next week. George”
George Johnston, Director, ANZ Private Bank

Whether you are looking for a life coach in Sydney, business coach in Sydney or business mentor in Sydney, I can help.

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