Is Mentum Right For You

Is Mentum coaching and mentoring right for you?

Synergy means a serious, personal commitment from both of us

For your mentoring and coaching to be successful, our relationship must be honest and frank. This means mutual respect, occasional forcefulness – and the right synergy, or click, between your needs and my capabilities.

In order for me to help you, it’s vital that we:

  • develop a comfortable, effective relationship. Not every person is receptive to, or ready for, the level of mentoring that I provide.
  • believe there’s a connection – and a real commitment to achieving your goals. This safeguards my reputation and protects your well being and investment.
  • make a strong personal commitment to your success once we decide to move ahead together.
  • celebrate your successes along the way.

My nine promises to you as your coach and mentor

  1. I will encourage and believe in you 100%.
  2. I will respect you and the confidentiality of anything we dicuss.
  3. I will always be truthful with you.
  4. I will ask you the tough questions.
  5. I will hold you to your word.
  6. I will challenge your limits and levels of learning.
  7. I will focus on helping you reach your most important goals.
  8. I will work on real, viable solutions to your problems.
  9. I will help you start making things happen now.

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What is Mentoring?

Do you want to move your career forward? Would you like to develop your leadership skills as well as help others learn, grow, and improve their skills? Or would you like to find someone who can help you do these things? You can… through a mentoring partnership. Mentoring is a relationship between two people with the goal of professional and personal development. The “mentor” is usually an experienced individual who shares knowledge, experience, and advice with a less experienced person, or “mentee.”

Mentoring can be tailored to your needs. While training is often best suited for gaining knowledge and skills, mentoring can also help you develop personal qualities and competencies.Career Consultants or Career Counselors mostly work with people in transition between jobs, rather than helping you develop your skills when in a particular role. And, again, your relationship will often be a commercial one.

You will gain invaluable insight beyond your own education and experience. Give yourself the edge with the support and guidance of a mentor. Whether you need advice or a sounding board, a mentor can inspire and guide you. Mentoring programs are designed primarily for the benefit you. You are encouraged to begin the relationship with specific goals and expectations-which are typically met by a well designed program. Access to a support system during critical stages of your academic and career development. Mentoring requires a willingness to share, listen, and provide advice in a flexible relationship shaped by the needs of you. While mentoring programs are designed primarily for the benefit of you, I also do enjoy rewards as well.

Whether you are looking for a life coach in Sydney, business coach in Sydney or business mentor in Sydney, I can help.

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