The Mentum Process

How your business, career and personal coaching program works?

Life Action Quadrant

An unique approach – proven to work

Your program is unique to you. It is detailed and measured at every step. It also blends proven methods for success that have helped more than 500 of my delighted clients achieve their professional and personal goals.


Thinking, direction, planning and expectations around your needs

As your personal development coach, I will help you identify, acknowledge and address your areas of weakness or fear, and replace them with strength, confidence and self-regulation. I will provide you with the tools, self-belief, inspiration, creativity, discipline, personal support and encouragement needed to set your course and stay on it.

I work as your personal mentor, manager and development coach

  • As your mentor - who believes in you; helps you create a vision and set big goals.
  • As your manager – to help you create strategies, complete tasks, set deadlines and monitor your progress. We create a structure in your business so it can monitor and grow
  • As your personal coach – I unearth skills and abilities you may not even know you possess.

Clear goals. Smart strategies. Decisive action.

  • that create far reaching positive impacts on your career, private life and health
  • that teach you to control and influence the most important things in your life.
  • communicate more effectively
  • to gain more confidence and poise

Mentoring for high achieving senior executives and professionals when “run of the mill won’t do for your business”.

The Australian market is awash with personal coaching and mentoring services. Many are good, however, if you are in the upper levels of business management or professional services, your expectations and goals are far greater than most.

Together we create inspiring goals for your career, personal life and finances to help you attain those goals – in just months.The personalised career coaching and mentoring program I develop for you will:

  • Help you define the things you really want in your career and life
  • Motivate and focus you to achieve elusive goals
  • Break down your internal barriers to achieving your goals
  • Measure your business and personal success every step of the way

Teach you to develop, flourish and became financially independent* Allow you to become a confident leader who inspires, informs, innovates and embraces change.

Mentum understands your business leader challenges

Financial performance and career stakes have never been higher. The issues business leaders contend with are more sensitive and complex than ever. Mentum helps you address these challenges with substantial business experience, effective methodology and programs designed to give you the confidence to act swiftly and take the most direct route to the best solution. Anything less means falling short of your potential and losing ground to the competition.

“Robert, I just found out today I topped Australia in the performance figures for Private Bank. Very pleased with the result based on how difficult the markets have been in the last 6 months. See you next week. George”
George Johnston, Director, ANZ Private Bank

“Hi Robert, Its amazing…for a year that was supposed to be in crisis. With the GFC and the likes, I think we seem to have survived and reached some exceptional results. Of course this has everything to do with you, and we’d would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support this year. We also would like to wish you the very best Christmas and a prosperous New Year, with the best of health, some rest and continue business success.
Yours faithfully, Jim L. CEO and “The Netseek Team”


If you would like to take advantage of this special very limited and totally free 45 minute “Business Breakthrough” mentoring session valued at $497.00 gifted to you. Reply to this email and (First name and email address) I look forward to arranging a convenient time to speak with you.

“As a result of my sessions with Robert Knapp I have been able to clarify my thoughts and adopt a step by step approach to the problems I discussed. Since completing my mentoring program my stress levels have markedly reduced and my direction and vision are much clearer”
P. Timmbs MD. Estate and Litigation Lawyers

“I would strongly recommend Robert and his services to both corporate and personal clients around the globe. I strongly believe that Robert would be a major asset to any organization that he coaches.”
M. C. C. Deputy Managing Director – Tigerex Operations

Whether you are looking for a life coach in Sydney, business coach in Sydney or business mentor in Sydney, I can help.

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