Mentoring and coaching Tools

Mentoring and Coaching tools

Business and Personal mentoring and coaching tools for success
Every Mentum program that you participate in is structured around your needs, measurable at ever step, and uses sophisticated mentoring and coaching tools such as:

  • Mind tools
  • Essential skills for an excellent career
  • Creative tools
  • Tools for understanding complex situations
  • Techniques for effective decision making
  • Project planning skills
  • Information and study skills
  • Memory techniques
  • Time management
  • Techniques for controlling stress
  • Communications skills
  • Techniques for realising human capital
  • Mentoring and coaching techniques

1EQ—Emotional intelligence

  • To effectively recognise and manage your own emotions, and those of others
  • Break down barriers to important business and personal relationships

2NLP—Neuro-linguistic programming

  • Understand what works in thinking, language and behaviour
  • Learn skills and attitudes to conquer chaos
  • Model conscious and unconscious patterns to continuously move towards higher potential.

3AI—Appreciative inquiry

  • Help you to see what is possible and how to make it happen
  • Find the best in yourself, your business and the world
  • Discover what gives a system life and when it is most effective and capable in economic, ecological and human terms.

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