Exit Strategy Plan

Exit Strategy Plan

An Exit Plan is one of the most important tools you should have in your business. It’s a plan that considers your future desires and ensures that you remain focused on achieving those goals whilst removing you from the business. A good Exit Plan enables a smooth transition with less likelihood of disruption to the operation. By planning your exit well in advance you can maximise the value of your business and enable it to meet your future needs. Make sure your plan is attainable – set a realistic timetable and measurable milestones along the way and stick to them.

Why Exit Planning is Important

Any business advisor who wants to play a meaningful role in the orderly transition and subsequent management of this wealth must be versed in the field of exit planning. Business owners who want to exit their businesses during the next 20 years face increasing competition for quality buyers. The increase of the supply of available businesses and the relatively fixed number of qualified buyers limit an owner’s exit options.

The only effective way to deal with these facts is to develop a strategic exit plan ensuring that the business owner builds value and seizes opportunities that present themselves.

Without a good sense of the value of a business, all other exit planning decisions are flawed.

Our market-based business valuation process provides owners and their advisors with an accurate sense of the highest price they can expect to receive for their business, the optimal financial structure for a sale, and how much seller financing (if any) is required to make the transaction work. Remember, money in the wallet is no longer money in the business. If you’re in a business that must invest to grow, taking out too much money can hurt you down the road.

Also, if you have other investors, taking too much can upset them. Imagine their surprise when investors in a small business I once worked for received the company’s internal loan repayment spreadsheet, showing that the business owner was pulling out bucks by paying his family exorbitant interest on loans while investor loans were repaid at rock-bottom rates over as long a time period as possible.
In addition to my services we have secured an initiative:

R&D Tax Credit (AusIndustry)

Mentum mentoring service is covered by the new R&D Tax Credit; is a broad based and market driven incentive package. The two core components of the package are:
* a 45 % per cent refundable tax credit (the equivalent to a 150 % concession) for companies and individuals at less than 20 million per annum turnover.
* a 40% standard tax credit (the equivalent of a 133 %t deduction.
Information on the Government Innovation Agenda, Powering Ideas -An Innovative Agenda for the 21st Century, is available at the department’s web site:
www.innovation.gov.au. Support Line: 1800 77 7275.

Adaptability is the ability to flourish and sustain high performance. Adaptability can be improved through conscious effort and working with creating a partnership with your mentor based on mutual trust and respect in which both people realise they are comfortable enough within the relationship to be challenged and extended.

This can form an unbeatable combination; a combination of enthusiasm, energy and innovation.

In just 30 minutes discussing with me your most pressing problems, (free of charge) you will have clarity on how to get back on track. What kind of difference will it take to achieve you highest potential. I offer a money back guarantee to help you make every day more productive and more profitable.

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