Business mentoring and coaching newsletter – Jan 2010

Business mentoring and coaching newsletter – Jan 2010

A very Happy New Year to you all. January is the time we are bombarded with “practical” and “innovative” ways – through the web or other means of communication – to improve our business and performance.

We’re told there are ways we can do it just by purchasing a book for $39.95 or getting in touch with some whiz bang company who – if you employ them – will tell you the secret to success.

The secret to success is there is no secret – Randy Gage

We have been conditioned that on the first day of January we should set goals for the year. And once we clarify those goals they will all come true by December 31st.
The truth is, to achieve your goals you first need to do some work that nobody considers part of the achievement.

1. You need to create a plan

Adapt to your new reality. The last year’s recession forced changes upon everybody. The crises in the Automotive and Financial Services industries have attracted a huge amount of attention. But every industry is being affected. Adapt your way of doing business. Making the right changes now will make you stronger coming out of the recession.

2. Work your plan

With all the new knowledge and emotion you’ll experience, at times you might doubt whether reaching your goals is possible. Create plans, ways to keep you on track to achieve your end result. You’ll need a written plan, spe¬cific steps and most importantly, deadlines.

3. Motivate yourself and people around you

Go back to basics and look at your core business. What is essential? With the right marketing support you will create an immediate and enduring competitive advantage, even in a difficult environment.

4. Focus on your specific market niche

The narrower your focus, the easier time you’ll have establishing your expertise in the minds of your prospective clients! Determine who your ideal clients are. Then target them with every single communication and action you take to promote your services.

5. Find a mentor

To achieve the type of success that you want seek out a mentor who has achieved the same type of success. If they have courses or material on the subject mat¬ter, invest in the knowledge, become a student and never stop learning.
You might think successful people are too busy to simply stop what they’re doing and talk to you. However, I have found that if you’re persistent, show great enthusiasm and continually follow through, people are more than happy to share their million dollar secrets with you.

6. Create an unique, powerful brand for your business

Set yourself apart from the pack. Show the results you’ve achieved for your clients so that your prospects can see that you can do the same for them! Testimonials and other specifics really help enhance your credibility. Make sure your clients know that ONLY YOU can offer what they need. And if you’re not sure that’s true, find a way to make it the case!

The difference between successful people and those that give up, is that successful people don’t let failure turn in to road blocks.

Successful people learn from their failures, make changes in their strategy if they need to, and keep moving forward.

Do you know the definition of insanity? “Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” While the definition of success is that, “There is no failure, only results“.

Inspire your customers

Along with innovation, optimism has been a key ingredient in inspiring consumers and building great brands through the last ten recessions. Never underestimate the power of optimistic marketing to bolster people’s mood and drive sales at the same time.

Keep your eye on the future

What we are living through today may be an once-in-a-lifetime economic downturn. It’s a time when tough, short-term decisions may need to be made. But always keep one eye on the future. Use your marketing communications to promote key brands and, wherever possible, communicate optimism about the future.

Look to solve problems

Nurture and promote creativity. Keep your focus on your customers and your clients and maintain a frequent dialogue with both.

“Hi Robert, Its amazing…for a year that was supposed to be in crisis. With the GFC and the likes, I think we seem to have survived and reached some exceptional results. Of course this has everything to do with you, and we’d would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support this year. We also would like to wish you the very best Christmas and a prosperous New Year, with the best of health, some rest and continue business success.
Yours faithfully J.L. CEO and “The Netseek Team”.

Be adaptable

Adaptability is the ability to flourish and sustain high performance. Adaptability can be improved through conscious effort and creating a partnership with your mentor based on mutual trust and respect. Both of you need to be comfortable enough within the relationship to be challenged and extended. This can form an unbeatable combination of enthusiasm, energy and innovation.

A quick message from our sponsor ie me

Would you spare 30 minutes if you knew it could be the beginning of an amazing turnaround in your business or personal life? In my half hour free initial consultations, I sit down with you and discuss your most pressing problems. I’ll give you clarity on how to get back on track and achieve you highest potential. It’s a taste of what to expect from me as your mentor.

And should you decide you would like me working as your mentor and coach I 100% guarantee to help you achieve your goals. If for any reason you’re not satisfied with your progress or results, I refund your money in full (a few conditions do apply).

So the only question you really need to ask yourself is, “What do I have to lose?”

Until next time, I wish you success,
Robert Knapp AIIM
Principal Mentum Pty Ltd

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