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portraitMentum was founded to assist high achievers – and those aspiring to be – attain their financial, career and personal ideals.

  • Mentum and our affiliates deliver:
    • Performance driven Mentoring and Executive Coaching
    • Business advisory specialising in mentoring, strategic planning and corporate communication
    • Strategies to improve your cash-flow in your business
    • Debt Financing and factoring
    • Sales and leadership training (FSP Sales model)

I continue to work with senior executives, high profile individuals and some of the best known companies across Australian commerce and industry.

Having helped hundreds of people with their business and career issues, I have learned that you must both consider and challenge the things that are most important to your career as these drive decisions. Failure to consider these elements could result in bad decisions. I have structured processes utilizing various tools and techniques which allow my clients to be very confident about what they need and helped them get it.

By following the Mentum Principles I helped many of my clients achieve excellence in business and in their personal life. I help people wo want to be, connect with successful people

I will be happy to share with you some of my key findings and experiences – the changes that have enabled my clients to move rapidly to the next level of their success and substantially boost their performance. I may also be able to shed light on areas of skill and capability within yourself that may assist you to reach your own goals.

I champion my clients every step of the way, I provide tools, inspiration, creativity and unstinting personal support required to help you stay on course.

Any assumptions, perspectives or convictions that are holding you back from reaching his or her full potential. They can also include ‘fixed ideas’ where a thought functions as a ‘truth’ that the person automatically acts upon. I help you to overcome self-limiting believes and past conditioning that robs you from achieving your goals.Business mentoring and coaching for career, personal and financial growth. When it comes to business coaching, career coaching, executive mentoring or personal development coaching, you have to be sure your coach is helping you achieve the results you want. That’s why every step of your tailored Mentum program is measured and accountable.

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If you would like to take advantage of this special very limited and totally free one hour “Business Breakthrough” mentoring session valued at $497.00 gifted to you. Reply by clicking on link “Take The Coaching Test” I look forward to arranging a convenient time to speak with you.
Inspire you how to dramatically increase your performance with strategic positioning in the market place

Who we are?

My name is Robert Knapp and I’ve been a business coach and business mentor for more than 30 years. If there are things you really want to accomplish in your business and personal life, but are struggling for one reason or another, I can help you. What is holding you back?Thank you for visiting my website. You are probably here because there is some important aspect of your life with which you are not satisfied. Perhaps there are things you want to change.

My website will provide you with information about Mentoring and Coaching. It will explain the services I provide, how it works and how I can help you, and most importantly how to begin the process. Achieving major goals on your own is not always easy. Day to day life, fear of failure, and many other stumbling blocks can get in the way. Would you like to significantly increase your business profits and learn how to achieve performance excellence in your business?
Mentoring and Coaching can provide you with an edge in your personal and business life. My work with you will result living your life to the fullest, get most from opportunities and how you can contribute more.Mentoring and coaching is about change and transformation, opening up possibilities, focusing on what you want to achieve, learning new ways of doing things and clarifying purpose and values. It is also about developing specific action plans to ensure you obtain and stay on the right path. I can help you find ways to enhance your performance, productivity and well-being. It involves questioning your current assumptions to find a better way, provide a framework for self observation, evaluation and improvement. It helps you build on and use your strengths.

Our work will inspire a vision of the future rather than just struggling to survive by avoiding problems. The emphasis is on finding solutions and a way to achieve your goals.I can help you unlock your potential and focus your time, talents and energy on achieving your important goal. You will waste less time and become more productive and most of all more effective. You will find that your have time to do what’s important and what you enjoy.
Time equals money only if it is accepted that the quality of you work decides the value of your time. Time is our most valuable resource.

A mentor/coach can show you how to save time and this is almost as good as handing you cash.

Few things will get you more sales for your product or service and wipe out your competition faster than being perceived as a recognised expert. When you are recognised as an expert in your field, you are no longer recognised as a salesman by your prospect. You become a valuable consultant.It is very difficult to attract success or money if you have any negative thoughts.

Self -limiting believes: The inner enemies of Progress

Self limiting believes are those things you believe about yourself that laces limitations on your abilities.

I help you overcome your limiting believes and you become the Master of your emotions. I show you how  you will be able to consistently interrupt limiting behavioral patterns and  we will create new choices and increase you rate of success.There are trillions of dollars zipping about electronically on any given day. If you can convince yourself at the very deepest level of your being there is no luck, no discrimination and generating business and creating wealth is not difficult, you suddenly open yourself to generate success and wealth.

I can help you define, clarify and achieve your goals in any area where you want to make a change.The essential ingredient to making change is to commit to do things differently, whether it involves learning new skills, behaving differently or transforming the way you think. I will encourage you and help you see yourself in a new, more effective way. And once you begin to see yourself differently, you have begun the process of transformation.

The process is challenging, engaging, stimulating and above all, life changing. Mentum is committed to help SME’s to redevelop a 90 day program to improve competitive edge in the marketplace, Where are the best opportunities according to their core business and finding the niche for the best prospects. Attached is free Business Health check document.

Click on the link and complete pages 5-11 free of charge I will process the document and prepare a 90 day program to turn your fortunes around.
Click here to download Business Health Check

As your business mentor and career coach, I will develop a tailored program that:
  • helps you identify inconsistency in your business plan or in your personal plan and can guide you to create a structure and objectivity, clarity and direction
  • motivates and focuses you to achieve your most elusive goals
  • breaks down your internal barriers to achieving those goals
  • measures your business and personal success every step of the way
  • teaches you to develop, flourish and became financially independent
  • transforms you into a confident, inspiring leader who embraces change.
  • Mentum coaching and mentoring programs are measured at every step and open doors for yo through the network of professionals with whom I work with

When it comes to business coaching, career coaching, executive mentoring or personal development coaching, you have to be sure your coach is helping you achieve the results you want. That’s why every step of your tailored Mentum program is measured and accountable.

Reach your goals within months – not years

We have the power of choice. Choose success, not failure.You need to live with new habits, new values and new method of emotional expression and control. You make your choices and decisions through your conscious mind, it is the “rational you”.I work closely alongside you, teaching you how to focus on your priorities, so you can experience the personal, career and financial success you’ve been dreaming about. Sooner – rather than later, or never.

Whether you are looking for a life coach in Sydney, business coach in Sydney or business mentor in Sydney, I can help.

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